The Gordon J Christensen Report, one of the leading educational foundations of modern dentistry, divulged some disturbing results of their research into store-bought and boil-and-bite mouthguards. Neither provide protection; it's the same as wearing no mouthguard. These types of mouthguards represent over 80% of those worn by athletes.


Sims Dentistry provides custom pressure-formed mouthguards that actually will protect against mouth injuries. We have various patterns and colors available so that your mouthguard will match your personal style.

Introducing the Sims Dentistry Custom Athletic Mouthguard


Summer sports are in full-swing. If you or your child play, protect those teeth - get a mouthguard. Sports related dental injuries can cost more than twenty times the cost of just buying a mouthguard in the first place. We make them in our office; they are high-quality protection. They fit your mouth because they're made for your mouth, thicker than those bought over the counter and ...they look pretty cool. Contact us and make an appointment, we'll make one for you.



...But we love our kids, too. Research proves that custom mouthguards not only protect the mouth but also reduce the chances of concussion by 56.6% compared to the over-the-counter versions. Our mouthguards are 3.5mm ...and they're made to fit the entire mouth comfortably.

Protect that smile.

Get Sims Dentistry's custom athletic mouth guards.

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